Body repair

Unfortunately, accidents happen more often than we would like and repairing the damage is not something that is done so easily.

Repairing today's high-tech vehicles requires patience, precision, and extensive knowledge.

Our body shop "Raptopoulos - Car Painting & Body Repair", located at Ymittou 43 in Piraeus, thanks to its specialized staff can restore any damage your vehicle has suffered, as quickly as possible.

We fully respond to the needs of the season, while all work is carried out quickly and has a guaranteed result.

We undertake:
  •  Windshield replacement

  •  General Bodywork Repairs

  •  Restore chassis using calibration

  •  Bonding and Repair of Plastic Parts

  •  Minor repairs - Minor dents

  •  Car Cleaning

  • We even undertake the cleaning of your car before delivery. Cleaning includes biological cleaning and disinfection of the cabin. At the same time, protective films are placed on the seats, steering wheel, floor, and gear lever.

We adhere to factory standards and are constantly investing in new equipment to keep your car looking and feeling like new after an accident.

At the same time, we use the highest quality parts and paint to ensure your vehicle is repaired and painted to the highest industry standards.

In addition to repairs, we also offer all kinds of handling with insurance companies. No hassle, hassle, and wasted time for the customer. Finally, we also carry out an expert opinion on your car at the scene of the accident in a short period of time.

Our body shop aims to offer high-quality services at the most competitive prices and seeks immediate repair of damages and delivery of cars.